Why our prices lower than the other suppliers’ ?

Our company locate in China, the cheap labour cost and stable partnership with several factories make our prices lower than the other online suppliers. We advertise our products by providing lower prices but highly quality, so far the effects of public praise is pretty successful.

How can we ship the parcel in time ?

Our warehouse will process your order after you send the payment, all orders of the day will be shipped together to the air port in the night by our logistics department, so that you will get the tracking number in the next morning at the latest. 7-8 Days in shipping from China to North America Area, Western Europe Area, Australia and New Zealand.

How to place an order ?

Method 1: Sign up in our site, and then add the products to your shopping cart, choose a payment method to check out. (This method is convenient and safe)

Method 2: Contact with our online customer service, or by Eamil, tell us the products you want with the accurate shipping info, we will help you to finsih the order.

Leave us message by email and get reply in 1 hour, pls send to:

FashionJordanSky@gmail.com   (customer service)

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